The Odd Duck Inn  is three separate living areas, each with their own bath, laundry, living room and complete kitchen. One Unit has just one queen bed, the others have a queen bed and two double rooms (twins). It is best to email or discuss details of your needs by phone. All are simple and relaxing. The quiet out here is remarkable. PS: We are not the Sheraton, nor do we want to be. See comments on Trip Advisor. We receive guests from all over the world so to reserve your adventure In Lakota Country, Click Here.



Your innkeepers: Tilda Long Soldier and Mark St. Pierre

The Master Bedroom

The Front View.

The front buildings are Building 1 on the right and Building 3 on the left. (Building 2 is down on the trees or also the Main House.) Those trees were $1.00 Conservation Corp. sticks about nine inches high when we planted them. This picture is two years old and this year they are now about 11 feet tall. Black Hills Pine and One Black Hills Spruce. The land around the house is a fruit basket for Lakota food plants.

New Deck on Building 2

The Living Room of Building 3

The Living Room and Kitchen of Building 3

The Road Home