Tilda Long Soldier St. Pierre



Tilda started beading when she was 10 years old. Her first teacher was her Grandmother (Great Aunt) Dora Little Warrior-Rooks. Over the many following years Tilda has made many of the object associated with Lakota people including, moccasins, Oglala Lakota dolls, pipe bags, women’s belt sets, beaded horse bridles and full sized cradle boards. Tilda loves to combine floral and geometric design elements that give her work a fun, warm and even whimsical quality. Much of her best work has been inspired by dreams. A doll order may take time as the doll will generally appear in her dreams, then it is merely the task of building it for you.

Tilda’s work is in private collections all over the United States. Her work including her famous Native American (Oglala Lakota )Dolls has been featured in many museum exhibits and she is listed with the South Dakota Arts Council as a Master Artisan, with whom she has a apprenticed a number of fledgling Lakota artists. With all this in mind look at Tilda’s Long Soldier St. Pierre’s work and judge for yourself if you want the best. Negotiations on a commissioned item can be done over the phone by calling Tilda at 605-455-2972 or Email at mstp@gwtc.net